We provide ONE-STOP LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS for warehousing, distribution and customer resource services in Singapore.

Our company has through years of experience in the electronic and electrical industry helps us to provide safe, reliable, economical and customized logistic solutions to our clients in the electrical and electronic appliances distribution in Singapore.

We are focused in our field of logistic service providing the product distribution to shopping malls for our clients and delivery the product to the end users including installation and testing at their home.

Our delivery teams consist of trained employees to undertake the precise delivery timing and installation at site.

Starting from the unloading of cargos to post-delivery services, we take care of the full spectrum of logistic services including warehousing, distribution, delivery and other ancillary services on your behalf.

We aim to provide focused attention to our clients, to become one of the most reliable logistic service providers in the Singapore and seek to make a positive difference in our client’s business through our comprehensive 3PL services. We have effectively bridge the gap between our client’s goods and their customers and achieve complete satisfaction for their customers.

Our team of logistic experts are always available to help you with any queries you might have.  If you need to discuss in length you logistic requirements we are ready to study your requirements and provide you with a quote that will suit your budget and save considerable amount of money in the long term.


Our 22,000 sq feet of warehouse space consists of 3 or 4 tiers of drive-in racking and free open racking facilities capable to handle 2500 pallets storage spaces.

Our warehouse operation has a wide range of services include inventory control and management, palletizing and storage, loading and unloading, order processing, delivery processing, labelling and shipment.

The warehouse has tight security with all round CCTV monitoring system and fire alarm system. All products store in our warehouse are fully cover under our all risk insurance.

Your product will be palletized and stored neatly in our warehouse in a clean environment.

Ensure your products are well kept in our facilities. We have 4 sheltered container bays for loading and unloading of the cargo to efficiently handle the product flow in any weather condition.

Service lifts are well maintained to ensure smooth flow of goods for storage and delivery.

Order Processing

We provide on-line batch orders processing and on time delivery to your clients.

Our inventory control system and delivery orders preparation for goods for the distribution services take the burden of inventory management and monitoring off your shoulders. We specialize in crafting efficient and cost effective logistics solutions customized to meet your specific needs and run your warehouse and distribution operations for you so that you can concentrate on your core business and receive a logistical advantage over the competition.


We provide delivery service for the goods stored at our warehouse to your clients at a reasonable cost.

Whether it is one time delivery to end user or whether it is regular commercial shopping mall delivery service to your clients, we will design a logistic process suited to your business in an integrated fashion. Our in-house team of experienced drivers believe in providing quality service to you, maintaining the highest standards in term of safety, punctuality for delivery to your destination.

Installation and Testing for Electrical Appliances

With years of experience, our delivery teams can provide on-site installation and testing for electrical appliances such as build-in oven. hob, hood and washing machine.

Our trained delivery teams also provide installation for electrical appliances such as build-in oven, hob, hood and washing machine deliver to the end users to ensure the product installed are fully operational for maximum customer’s satisfaction.